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MIDP Games

Here are some small MIDP games I wrote, which you may download at your own risk. In theory, they should work on any MIDP 1.0 device, but they have currently only been tested in the WTK emulator and on some Nokia, Siemens and Samsung phone models. The games are packed in JAR files, but you may also require the JAD application descriptor. You need to be able to install applications on your mobile phones via data cable, infrared or Bluetooth.

I have also made a little WAP page for direct download via wap.chrfr.de, but this doesn't seem to work with all phones (Nokia seems to be ok, though). I suspect the problem is caused by the way my web host is reporting the MIME type of JAR files, but I was not able to resolve this with my provider.

As a last resort, you can use a temporary file hosting service such as eUploader.com. Note that I have experienced strange when trying to download the BattleFlow.jar onto a Samsung SGH-X820, which for some odd reason went away when renaming the file to something else.

I didn't originally package the source code for download as I wasn't sure if I would be going in a commercial direction with my MIDP activities. Well, I'm not, so if you are interested in the source code for any reason feel free to contact me.

Space Duel

This was my first attempt at an MIDP application. Two ships battle it out in a torus-shaped arena, with you playing against a computer AI. Bullets expire after a certain time, and no player may have more than two shots alive at any time. The first hit kills. This was inspired by xpilot, a great multi-player game I used to play a lot some years ago.

Download JAR     Download JAD

Battle Flow

A simple real-time strategy game based on an ancient unix game called xbattle. The objective is to conquer all cities by "pumping" armies of your own color into them. The computer AI is a bit erratic at times.

This application is somewhat more sophisticated than Space Duel, e.g., it introduces a menu system where you can change some settings (which actually persist), and uses a resource system for the game text for picking the language based on the environment locale (currently only English and German included).

Download JAR     Download JAD

I also wrote an MIDP version of a German two-player board game called Rosenkönig, which is not available for download as it presumably infringes on someones copyright. Furthermore, I made a study for a side-scrolling shooter that I then abandoned.

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